How to Use a Steam Mop

The steam mop is one of the amazing tools for efficiently cleaning the floor. As all work needs preparation, so is this! If we compare it with cleaning by a bucket, the steam mop is very convenient for the floors. Some guidelines have to be followed while using a steam mop to achieve fruitful results.

There are many varieties of styles and sizes of steam mops that are available through which mop head can be attached.Every mop has its features. But keeping the features aside, there are certain points that you should consider before you start cleaning your floor with a steam mop.

steam mop

In the mere excitement of buying a tool, one forgets to read the instructions mentioned on the manual. But it is one of the most common mistakes that we all make. But, it is better to spend 5 minutes earlier than repenting later on seeing not so good results.

Here are my tips to use the steam mop efficiently:

Prepping the floor is the first key-


It is advised that before using the steam mop, the floor should be vacuumed properly, either by a vacuum cleaner or by sweeping, but if done with suction it will pull out the dust out of the floor. After this, the floor is ready to be used for steam mopping. Dual mopping vacuums are also available in the market that has two options steaming as well as vacuuming. Hence, Vacuuming is essential so as to take out the dirt out from the floor. Prior vacuuming will help in steam mopping.

A steam mop is a maintenance cleaning tool-


It means that while cleaning the floor through steam mopping, the floor has to be less dirty. If the floor is covered with a lot of dust particles, then the results will not be satisfactory. A steam mop will work on the floor that are maintained and needs only very less cleaning. In other words, firstly clean your floor in a very normal way and then clean and sanitize with the steam mop properly. The floors are cleaned on a regular basis; then the steam mop will take less time effort also. Continue reading to get more information about hoover exclusive wind tunnel technology .

Extra mop pads are essential-

steam mop pads

Extra mop pads are required by fail this will aid the steam mop as it will avoid the dirt to smear on the floor. Steam mop pads are reasonable, and they can be easily washed and dried in a normal way also. Changing of Mop pads is required if they are dirty and if you desire a better cleaned and shining floor.

Use only on the sealed floor-

It is one of the general care for floors. On the sealed floor, steam mop should be used. One important thing never leaves the mop “on” on the floor if attending some other work as the extra moisture can spoil the surface.

Using steam mop on the hard floor-

It has to keep in mind that if using the mop on the hard floor then the hardwood floor should be sealed. It is advised that before steam mopping, clean the surface by sweeping or by vacuuming, so as to clean the loose dirt. While vacuuming does use the soft bristles because it will clear the minute dust particles as compared to the normal cleaner.

The mop should be used after reading the instructions on the manual. Mop head cover should be changed during the cleaning process as the microfiber act as a sponge that can hold a limited amount of dirt and dust, so that is why an extra pair is required. Do not ever leave the mop at one location in the active condition as this can damage the floor.


Using the steam mop on the carpets-

Before steaming, with the help of the carpet spotter the steam mop can be used so as to remove the excess of dirt on the carpet. And it’s all possible with the attachment, carpet glider. Again the most important tip that don’t leave the mop in ‘on’ condition to avoid any damaging.


One thumb rule that you have to keep in mind is if you are using the steam mop on any surface for which you are not sure, then mop the small section of that floor probably the surface that is beneath the furniture. So, that you know the results. After finishing allow the mop to cool down and then don’t forget to remove the pad. So happy mopping!

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